Advasur ATP Strategic Planning Assessment
and Business Gap Analysis

Strategic Planning Assessment including Business Gap Analysis

Advasur ATP Healthcare Product Consulting projects start with a clear understanding of the ATP Clients required objective, project clear description, defined hurdles, Clients Project Team including Team expertise and organizational reporting structure. Next Advasur ATP develops with the client the required project objective, deliverables, scope, time period, internal resources assigned to the project and time commitment levels and then cost for Advasur ATP systems, services, analytic tools and personnel to assist our client. 

Advasur ATP works with our clients to refine sometimes their business value of the project and ROI for measurement of the success of the project and to build parameters to measure resource usage for this project versus others held up by this project or future projects value assessments.

Many of our Advasur ATP Pharmaceutical Product Compliance team members are exclusively assigned to Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) projects through the new requirements policing initiation after November 27, 2024. Eighty percent (80%) of the Advasur ATP Pharmaceutical Product Compliance team will remain on DSCSA projects for one year after the new Enhanced Drug Distribution Security (EDDS) requirements are implemented by our clients. The other twenty percent (20%) will be redeployed to join our Grocery client Food Modernization Security Act (FMSA) track and trace project teams to provide consistently, especially for Grocery Chains with Pharmacies.