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Advasur ATP Strategic Planning Assessment
and Business Gap Analysis

Strategic Planning Assessment including Business Gap Analysis

Advasur ATP Compliance Team has a Supply Chain Strategic Business Plan Writing Team that specializes in systematically defining: (a) our client’s current state, (b) capturing the details of the client’s desired business plan and metrics to measure success, for desired future state, and (c) internal and Advasur ATP Supply Chain Business Plan Writers effort required to complete a client’s “first” or “updated” Strategic Business Plan. All Advasur ATP Strategic Business Plans include a Business Gap Analysis with client agreed business objectives to address all identified gaps. These Advasur ATP Strategic Business Plan development steps often capture overlooked planning requirements and ensure for internal approval that those gaps are documented to address to ensure capture of required budget and buy-in from key stakeholders, clearly outlines success criteria, and sets realistic timelines.  

Key deliverables for any Strategic Business Plans including GAP Analysis to achieve: