Advasur ATP Implementation Programming

From full outsourcing to complementary support, our implementation programming services include any combination of resources from our five core deliverable categories:
(1) Project Management including Project Management Team staffing.
(2) Implementation Plan Validation and resources allocation plan.
(3) Technical/IT/Business Analysts Support.
(4) Thought Leaders and/or Subject Matter Experts recruitment and scheduling.
(5) 3rd Party Independent Implementation Programming.

Because the Advasur ATP Management Team understand that every business has different levels of in-house expertise, we offer a flexible choice of implementation options. These range from working as a supplement to your existing team through to full outsourcing in which our subject matter experts take primary responsibility for the project.
Advasur ATP Supply Chain Implementation Programming Services focus on people, process, technology, market conditions, competitive landscape, project levers: scope, time, money required. For Advasur ATP Management Team expertise the implementation can be from turning discovery into a lead product to commercialization planning starting with “creating the desired label information” and ensuring the clinicals support that desired label to the process of preparing to produce once the serialization and other prerequisite programming is ready to test and then deploy.