SoftWriters Announces Partnership with Advasur

Relationship Will Aid Long-Term Care Pharmacies in Regulatory Compliance

SoftWriters, Inc., the industry leader in long-term care (LTC) pharmacy software, is excited to partner with Advasur360, a comprehensive suite of Drug Supply Chain Security Act services.

At SoftWriters, our mission is to save lives. We provide software solutions for the entire long-term care pharmacy ecosystem. Advasur was formed to ensure pharmacists meet compliance requirements by providing a turnkey, outsourced series of systems and services to allow pharmacy teams to ensure their supplier’s products are safe and effective for their patients while protecting their practice.

This partnership comes with the approaching deadline of the federal mandate of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA). The enforcement of all current requirements, including the last three requirements of Enhanced Distribution Security, takes effect on November 27, 2023. With the accelerated rush to compliance, SoftWriters and Advasur strive to help pharmacies take the necessary action steps while avoiding risks along the way.

“We are incredibly excited for this partnership with Advasur,” SoftWriters President Scott Beatty said. “We remain laser-focused on solving the challenges facing LTC pharmacies, and this partnership provides a seamless solution to comply with the Drug Supply Chain Security Act.”

This relationship will allow SoftWriters customers to partner with Advasur to easily implement and streamline the new DSCSA requirements. The Advasur solution created for this specific federal law was built by pharmacists for pharmacists to minimize the effort to comply with these regulations.

“I’m excited to see the power of the collaboration between Advasur and SoftWriters,” noted Ted Sullivan, Vice President of Business Development at Advasur. “The synergy in operating principles of these solution providers will offer pharmacies the power of integrated best-in-breed solutions delivering fast, effective compliance and value.”

When you choose their solution, Advasur provides an easy onboarding process and efficient, ongoing monitoring. Pharmacies are provided GS1 registration guidance and GLN setup and support. In addition, Advasur offers comprehensive compliance with all 10 DSCSA requirements, internal and trading partner interoperability, and data exchange assessment and resource support.

“This is not sudden. We have been in this business for nine years and have seen and appreciated SoftWriters approach to the market and providing solutions,” stated Randy Hoggle, Managing Director of Advasur. “WeDSCSA are inspired to partner with SoftWriters by listening to the voice of the customer.”